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Powerfully Market Your Business Through Story

Marketing Messaging & Strategy • Graphic Design • Marketing Management


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Market Wisely

If you feel like your marketing is a “money pit,” you may not be clearly communicating to your customers. As a career-long marketing and advertising professional, I understand this problem and will help make your marketing message compelling. Then, I’ll help you figure out how to market your company so you feel confident and wise in your marketing decisions.

Grow More

Once your marketing is clear, your business will grow again. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll have the business you always dreamed of. If you’re within a large corporation, you’ll meet your goals and objectives quicker than you ever thought possible.

Make an Impact

You want to make a difference in the world through your business, or because of it. Once your business is thriving, you’ll be able to live that dream. You’ll help more customers through your products and services – and you’ll actively participate in community and family life.

Sales increased ~40% in the first year since working with Jessica and her team at Betula Creative!

– Becky Stahl, Becky’s Berries

What’s My Investment?

Consider how much what you’re doing now is costing you. How much time?
How much money spent on ineffective and poorly executed marketing and advertising? How much in lost sales?

Working with me is a valuable investment in your business.
And when your marketing is simplified, it will take less time, money, and stress.

Betula Creative is a nimble studio that brings the resources, experience, and knowledge
of a large agency to your business while costing much less than them or an in-house team.

When you hire me, I’ll hit the ground running – how fast, depends upon you.
Whether you choose to have me work for you just a few hours a month
or want me to fully immerse myself in your organization’s marketing,
I’ll initially work on your strategy and messaging, then develop, execute, and manage
digital and print marketing after the initial groundwork is laid.

Packages start as low as $750 per month.

Click the “Schedule an Initial Consultation” to set up a time for us to
discover what is the best fit for your needs and budget.

Get Just One Thing

One-off packages also offered for the following services and more. Contact me for pricing information.

Website wireframing • Website development • Website copywriting • Sales funnel email campaigns • Lead generating PDFs • Logo development • Brochures • Letterhead and envelopes • Postcards and other direct mail campaigns • Promotional products and swag • Printing