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Press releases.

They can come off as dull, cringeworthy in their seriousness, or full of jargon that overemphasizes the need to sound important or compelling. A press release is also a powerful marketing resource that can prove invaluable to you and your business—and utilized the right way, it can work wonders.

The literal definition for a press release is this:

An official statement that gives information to newspapers, magazines, television news programs, and radio stations.

Sounds a little blah, right? Depending on the subject and content, press releases will be serious and straight to the point—and rightfully so! But they can also be light-hearted or striking to viewers, revealing insightful information about a business’ happenings, and ideally generating interest in whatever it is being announced.

The capability press releases have of reaching broad audiences and providing an instant connection with readers and viewers is a value that no company or business owner (or reader, for that matter) should overlook.

Press releases are one of the easiest ways to self-promote, and even if your business doesn’t necessarily have the next big news story, your business’ news IS worthy of attention!

Here are some of our favorite things about press releases:

  • Press releases are inexpensive—and often free!
    Why not take advantage of a free marketing resource? 
    When you look at press releases against other marketing options, it’s often the more affordable way to go. They’re proven tools in the world of advertising, and you know it’ll be seen.

Case Study: When Betula Creative announced in our hometown newspaper that we were adding promotional products to our line of services, we earned two new clients who ordered more than $7,500 worth of product!

  • Boost your business presence.
    Not just in the community, but more specifically, in the minds of your potential customers. Press releases are a good way to reveal what your business does, who you are, and why your customers need you or your products. Creating a re-occurring publication adds clarity to what’s going on with your business, and tends to build trust with potential clients.

  • Expand your audience—and your audience’s audience!
    In today’s world, it only takes a few clicks to share a story with hundreds, if not thousands, of other viewers. Take your press releases to print, but also online, to garner more views and reactions from a broader audience than ever.

Not sure what to do with your completed press release? Contact your local newspaper or other community news resource to determine how best to distribute your news!

The next time an opportunity for a press release becomes available to you, and your business has an announcement or other important news, take advantage of it! While you may not think it’s that big of a deal, you could be pleasantly surprised by the difference it makes for your business!