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Biz to Biz


Biz to Biz’s mission is to assist small businesses in financial and personal growth, leadership skills, and professional knowledge through programs designed to target business owners as a community. As a member of Biz to Biz, businesses are able to network and grow their own clientele while helping other members through referral and skills-based programs and presentations.


Create a brand that accurately reflects the business’ mission of increasing professionalism through personal and financial growth.

Solution: Biz to Biz’s overall mission to increase and better business professionals is alluded to through the trademark arrow icon rising upward, while the “z” spelling within “Biz to Biz” pays homage to the brand’s founder, Tracy Kienitz. A gold color was also chosen to emphasize the true value of membership within the organization.

Projects: Logo, business stationery, brochure, postcards, direct mailers, thank you and envelope, event invites, and website redesign.