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Like every business owner out there, you want your business to grow – and you want your marketing to actually work.

You want to stop trying new thing after new thing and never seeing the results you envision.

You want to know your marketing is going to work – and you want it to stop being a “money pit.”

I can relate.

Although I’ve always been pretty darn good at helping others market their businesses, I’ve not always been the best at marketing my own.

And, like you, my budget is limited as well, so it’s gut-wrenching to spend money on projects when I don’t see the sales I need.

Enter StoryBrand.

Last fall, I watched New York Times bestselling author-turned-marketing-messaging-guru Donald Miller’s interview on Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness.

During the interview, Don said a few things that got me super excited about using storytelling in marketing.

He talked about how all the most successful brands use story – and use it well – in their marketing.

He spoke to it being basically a 7-step framework and how easy and formulaic it is to learn.

The interview got me excited! I looked up StoryBrand and quickly committed to taking their online marketing messaging workshop.

I knew it would not only benefit me, but also my clients, and the course proved that to be the case.

Fast-forward a few months later and I’m now one of the first 30 StoryBrand Certified Guides in the country!

As a Certified Guide, I’m licensed to help people apply the StoryBrand framework to their marketing and am an affiliate of the company.

From the creation of a simple document that outlines all of their messaging and coaching on how to implement it in their marketing, to figuring out a new marketing strategy based upon what they’ve learned and then helping them get it done with all the services I’ve always offered (and more!).

I’m ants-in-my-pants excited about how much better I’m going to be able to serve people now.

If you’re looking to grow your business to a new level, I strongly encourage you to learn the StoryBrand way.

Nothing else I’ve ever seen comes close to how simple and powerful this is.

I’m sharing the foundations of StoryBrand at three upcoming live presentations:
– Tuesday, May 9th at 8:00 am at Columbus Evangelical Church in Columbus
– Wednesday, May 10th at Noon at Stillwater County West Annex in Columbus
– Tuesday, May 16th at Noon at Billings Parmly Library’s 2nd Floor Conference Room

If you’re out of the area, I’m doing two webinars:
– Monday, May 15th at Noon Mountain Time
– Wednesday, May 17th at 10 am Mountain Time
If you’d like to attend one of these webinars, please email with the one you’d like to attend, and I will get an invite out to you as soon as possible, as I’m still working out the logistics of them.

If you can’t make it to any of these presentations, but would like to learn more, let me know, and I’ll schedule another webinar or local presentation for you.

All the Best,