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After nearly a year of planning, designing, developing, and finalizing, Stillwater County has officially unveiled its new website! The website has been designed with both locals and tourists in mind. Providing standard government information and notices, we’ve worked to reorganize content to provide visitors an easily searchable and accessible way to find what they need on the site.

We partnered with MK Synchronized Solutions to create a website that’s relevant in today’s online world—the website is capable of being easily used on mobile devices, as well as search engine-friendly content, helping attract tourists to our area!

The new website also features photographs graciously donated by area photographers, including Bud Chenault, Christine Bakke, Clark Marten, Macy Spencer, and more!

The County’s goal with this new website was to make our government information more accessible to residents and create a platform that is truly user-friendly. We also felt it was important to come up with a logo and website that not only fits with our County’s current and future vision, but to use a design that will entice visitors to our website and also bring visitors into our County that will in turn generate revenue for the fantastic businesses and events that we have in Stillwater. I hope users of the new site love it as much as we did designing it.

– Marissa Hauge, Stillwater County Economic Development Coordinator

During the development process, a new logo was also designed, aimed at attracting tourists to visit Stillwater County and experience “untouched adventures” within the county. After multiple workshops with business owners, government officials, and other community members from Stillwater County, the idea of the county being at the heart of so many nearly “untouched” outdoor adventures became the idea behind the design concepts moving forward.

The logo features a “pin” similar to those found on mobile device map applications, but was crafted specifically to Stillwater County—including a mountain within the pin itself, and accurate placement inside an outline of Montana.


If you’re a Stillwater County resident, we encourage you to visit the new site, and to also consider contributing photographs of area landscapes, communities, or events to keep images on the site recent and attractive to new visitors! Submit your photos by contacting Marissa Hauge at Stillwater County Economic Development.

And if you’re not a resident of Stillwater County, take a look at all that this wonderful place has to offer—and consider experiencing your own “untouched adventure” with us soon!